Successful tools must function reliably and accomplish tasks efficiently. Reliability is enhanced through clean physical design. In nature form follows function: the inherent nature of full field 3-D digitizing minimizes mechanical components resulting in elegant design solutions. The Plantar Digitizer® uses no intricate moving parts and illuminates with eye safe white light. The system operating from your Windows based PC, receives both its operating instructions and power directly through the USB interface.

The Plantar Digitizer® family of 3-D measurement instruments consists of two distinct product models. While both units share common family traits, each data acquisition device is individually suited to its particular operating environment.


The newest generation of Virtual 3-D digitizing systems was created by the designer of the original ScanCast 3-D®. The Plantar Digitizer® is orders of magnitude faster than any existing scanning system, capturing complete 3-D surface data in a flash. Patient safety and system reliability is enhanced through eye safe white light strobe technology and elimination of all moving parts!

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Digitize: embody an object as a discrete set of its points, as a digital photo captures a scene
Scanning: to examine sequentially, pixel by pixel, much as a child builds a castle of blocks.
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