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For The Practitioner
Professional and Portable. The Plantar Digitizer® for the practitioner combines advanced optics with clean functional design. The unit quietly travels between examination rooms on composite wheels. Connect to any Windows based desktop or notebook computer through the USB 2.0 port and the system is ready to acquire 3-D data immediately.

Three-dimensional plantar digitizing of a patient requires entering only minimal information, positioning the foot using standard subtalar neutral techniques and depressing a switch. The internal flash illuminates the foot for an instant: digitization is complete.

Plantar digitization can become a standard component of examination: imaging every patient for possible orthotic application or recording treatment progress.

Files require minimal disk space and each carries patient information encoded to assure proper secure identification.

Transmission to the participating laboratory of choice for orthotic fabrication is as simple as email. Open the web site of your selected lab, fill in their prescription form and upload the surface files.
-Windows based computer, Pentium IV 1.0GHz or higher
-One available USB 2.0 port
-Supported operating systems: Windows XP/XP-Pro
Operational Requirements
-1GB Ram
-100MB Available disk space, plus additional space for patient data
-Broadband Internet access
Package to Include:
-The Plantar Digitizer® Practitioner System, Model 7D8-P
-Full Field 3-D Surface Acquisition Software
-CD Manual
-USB 2.0 Cabling
-Auxiliary Power Supply
Now Available: Inquiries Welcome
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