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For The Orthotic Laboratory
-Windows based computer, Pentium IV 1.0GHz or higher
-One available USB 2.0 port
-Supported operating systems: Windows XP/XP-Pro
Operational Requirements
-1GB Ram
-100MB Available disk space, plus additional space for patient data
-Broadband Internet access
Package to Include:
-The Plantar Digitizer® Laboratory System, Model 7D8-L
-Full Field 3-D Surface Acquisition Software
-Full Field 3-D Surface Processing Software
-CD Manual
-USB 2.0 Cabling
-Auxiliary Power Supply
Now Available: Inquiries Welcome
Rugged and dependable. The Plantar Digitizer® system for the orthotic production laboratory houses its complex optics package in a robust structure specific to the manufacturing environment. The bench top design layout is uncomplicated to maximize throughput. With a simple connection to the USB 2.0 interface of a Windows based PC, the full field 3-D system is set to digitize incoming negative casts or replicate completed plaster positives, eliminating physical cast storage expense. Files require negligible disk space and each carries patient information encoded to assure proper, secure identification. Even the largest lab could archive an entire month's volume of surfaces on a single DVD.

Three-dimensional digitizing of a cast requires entering minimal information, placing the model on the measurement platform and depressing a switch. The internal flash illuminates the cast for an instant: digitization is complete.

Translation of data received from the in house system or Plantar Digitizer® in the field is straightforward. Review the surface data stored locally or uploaded to your web site and, with our processing software, transform the full field information into digital 3-D surface replicas of the plantar aspect of the patients feet.

Our open architecture approach delivers accurate 3-D data in industry standard 3-D formats. The growing list of output file types requested include ASCIIxyz, .STL, .RAW, and binary. We are constantly adding to this format list: please contact us with your specific needs.
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